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behavioural / поведенческий
имя прилагательное
behavioral, behavioural
имя прилагательное
involving, relating to, or emphasizing behavior.
closely related species have similar behavioral patterns
The data provided a rich set of examples of physical and behavioural symptoms.
In the end the sound of the bell alone was enough to bring about a behavioural response - the dog began drooling.
Patient-doctor relationships are generated by different behavioural patterns.
At a concrete level, this learning is reflected by changes in the behavioural data.
Autism causes behavioural patterns that can be deeply distressing to all concerned.
Indeed, the interplay between prey and predator is a central theme of behavioral ecology.
Our suspicion in that we might see effects in a different behavioral context.
Well we are still learning about that and behavioural investigators have said for some time now that behaviourally people mature later than we thought.
Procedures used in behavioral experiments have been described in detail elsewhere.
Lions in zoos are behaviourally quite a different matter, as you'd know: they're a social animal, they'll lie or eat and they'll play with each other and they work very well.