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begrudge / завидовать, скупиться, выражать недовольство
envy, be envious, begrudge, grudge, covet
stint, skimp, scrimp, scant, begrudge, pinch
выражать недовольство
grudge, complain, begrudge, groan
resent, rebel, boil over, begrudge, be disgusted
take offense, resent, feel aggrieved, huff, be aggrieved, begrudge
envy (someone) the possession or enjoyment of (something).
she begrudged Martin his affluence
give reluctantly or resentfully.
nobody begrudges a single penny spent on health
Does he really think people would begrudge him happiness (if a rather haunted one)?
I don't begrudge a penny of what he is earning from his new contract and I am sure George feels exactly the same way.
I can't begrudge him the trip - I know I would love to get the chance to live and work in a new country for a few months every now and then.
I don't begrudge anybody a right to a square meal and some help.
Not that I begrudge a penny of the money that this Country has spent on helping these people, not a bit of it.
That does not mean I begrudge the people their freedom.
After all, in the great scheme of things, few rational people are going to begrudge someone with a handicap a nice space near the door to the supermarket.
True, residential care does not come cheaply, but having seen how well my mother was treated, I do not begrudge one penny.
But who would begrudge her some happiness in her twilight years?
It is his business to spend his money and people should not begrudge him his success.