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begrime / пачкать, чернить, покрывать
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, begrime
black, blacken, denigrate, badmouth, vilify, begrime
cover, coat, spread, case, shield, begrime
blacken with ingrained dirt.
paint flaking from begrimed walls
As inviting a puddle as one begrimed could hope for.
Years, decades and almost a century of watching Gloria get all she ever wanted, and Anita winding up owning a begrimed apartment building.
He wore the same blackened ring-shirt and dark clothing as when he had left, but now they and he were begrimed and streaked with dirt.
He chafed a begrimed hand across a similarly soiled mouth, maw gaping wide in a grin, to reveal ebony teeth with fallow flashes of gold.
The habitations are begrimed with smut and dirt.
He scrubbed the begrimed garments as best he could until they were as white and as lavish as usual.
Coffee stains were the only decoration on the white wallpaper, begrimed and neglected.
Darius was immensely relieved to see his begrimed , dust-ridden target in one piece, but wisely did not show it.
Striding beside him, his loyal and rugged men - Red, Zee, and Lake among them - look equally square-jawed, primed and begrimed from their time in the field.
He crossed to the begrimed window and watched in dismay as Rabbit was led away, surrounded by three armed guards.