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begonia / бегония
имя существительное
имя существительное
a herbaceous plant of warm climates, the bright flowers of which have brightly colored sepals but no petals. Numerous cultivated varieties of begonia are grown for their flowers or for their striking foliage.
Together with gladioli, lilies and begonias , the dahlias are one of the most important and popular summer-flowering bulbs.
In summer months, bright annuals such as impatiens, begonia , and coleus make attractive companion plants.
You can grow thousands of begonias from one small packet of seed.
Part of my garden consists of a patio on which I have many pots housing a selection of Japanese acers, begonias , marigolds and nasturtiums.
Large flowered begonias look best with fewer, larger flowers.
The Display House has fine begonias in summer and orchids and cyclamens during autumn and winter.
Many people choose to plant begonias indoors in pots six weeks prior to their outside planting date to get blooms that much earlier in the summer.
Other plants that can be easily brought inside to over winter include coleus, geraniums, basil and begonias .
My yard always looked so nice and clean with its daylilies and begonias around each planted pine tree in the front yard.
Are you supposed to pull up begonias in the winter?
A diverse group of plants characterised by bright, multi-coloured flowers and leaves, begonias are plants which are found mainly in India's North-Eastern region.