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befuddle / одурманивать, опьянять
befuddle, dope, besot, fuddle, hocus, turn on
intoxicate, befuddle, besot, inebriate, slew, sozzle
make (someone) unable to think clearly.
he has an air of befuddled unworldliness
When Miss Fiske wrote to inform me of her condition, I was utterly befuddled .
Riders overtake traffic, carving in and out of lanes as befuddled drivers bond in confusion with pedestrians.
I forgot to tell you all this is set in one of my confused and befuddled future settings.
Who knows what little games he played in his mind before it became befuddled by morphine?
I am as befuddled as you are when I try to read that deliberately abstruse text.
The sport of boxing won big time as it again confused and befuddled it's critics.
At first they glanced at each other, befuddled by the albino girl who stood in nothing but a strapless nightgown.
In our early days, my entering classmates were often befuddled by the kind of readings we were given.
Unable to comprehend, Amanda stared at Keira in utter astonishment and befuddlement .
I'm still befuddled by the speed with which these were produced, in a kitchen featuring two gas burners and one ancient electric mixer.