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befriend / помогать, поддерживать, относиться дружески
help, assist, succor, support, aid, befriend
support, maintain, endorse, sustain, encourage, befriend
относиться дружески
act as a friend to (someone) by offering help or support.
She befriended him and offered support after reading about the 1995 case in the news.
While a supervision order is in force it is the duty of the supervisor to advise, assist and befriend a supervised child.
Barrie makes it his mission to support the family and to befriend Peter.
I was really the first one to befriend her, and protected her from the other pirates.
On New Year's Eve he meets their mother at a dinner party and subsequently befriends the family.
When she first met Blake she'd pitied him because he only had a few friends, so she had befriended him.
So he visits and befriends the traumatised boy.
He befriends Mary, and tells her how he found the precious papers.
But things change when a woman beggar comes to the area and befriends him.
When a girl from the Bronx moves in next door and befriends her, Mooney's outlook changes.
But gradually, he makes his way in a small Southern town where he gets a job as a mechanic, and befriends a young boy who is also an outsider.