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befoul / пачкать, осквернять, изгадить
besmirch, smudge, stain, dirty, soil, befoul
defile, desecrate, profane, pollute, violate, befoul
befoul, spoil utterly
make dirty; pollute.
they befoul our water with mining
the dangers of letting industry befoul the environment
Those are, without doubt, the ugliest cars ever to befoul the planet.
It does sort of befoul the atmosphere, like an emotional pollution, doesn't it?
Mrs. Popular shook her finger at me and yelled something like, ‘How dare you befoul my home in such a way!’
they befoul our water with mining
Most people knew of a schoolyard bully when they were younger and always hoped bad and awful things would befoul the bully and maybe even his family (not that I would know from experience, mind you).
There was also a putrid stench befouling the air, which no regular person could tolerate.
Nature, on its own, is beautiful, but nature's human component, acting with arrogant independence, befouls the earth.
The fact that one of the rotten little orphans had befouled her room with mud and muck had not helped matters.
He also picks up litter around the school - as garbage contributes to public health problems and befouls the town's lake.