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befit / подходить, приличествовать, следовать
approach, come, fit, nigh, suit, befit
befit, become, beseem
follow, abide by, result, steer, ensue, befit
be appropriate for; suit.
the ballet ends nobly, as befits a tragedy
Despite the raging fury of the Ring upon his finger, he had roused himself in one final mighty effort to meet his end as befit a great warrior and wise councilor.
With a physique that suited and befitted the characters allotted to him, Ranjith had an upper hand in the scenes he was involved in.
However, 20 years after his death his remains were moved to a location more befitting the great Bard himself.
It was insulting and again, not befitting someone in my position.
It implies an intent to participate in a profession in a manner befitting that vocation.
She stood, waiting for the officer to greet her in the manner befitting a princess.
I have been reminded that I tend to overreact in any manner that befits the occasion.
Already he wore the light and baggy silvered suit befitting his rank and his boots were on.
It's befittingly big, long and full of intense twists and turns.
The doors, befittingly , were huge, wooden monstrosities that creaked and led into a small atrium, with two more doors at the other end.