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beetroot / свекла, бурак, свекловица
имя существительное
beet, beetroot
beetroot, maroon
We will grow a smaller selection of vegetables, only those which we like to eat and which we can grow well; I'm thinking of broad beans, runner beans, courgettes, spinach and beetroot .
It was served with a punchily dressed green salad and another salad of beetroot , potato and watercress.
Very European, quite old-fashioned with a slice of smoked ham and old-style veggies like crinkle-cut beetroot and huge onion rings.
I've also planted a few beetroot seeds and I'm planning on doing a few more tomorrow and on starting the carrots.
Nestle the beetroot in the rock salt and scatter with thyme.
I usually start the day with a juice I make from organic carrots, apples, beetroot and ginger.
Toast the poppy seeds briefly in a small non-stick pan (I use a saucer-sized one) then scatter them over the mashed beetroot .
The beetroot plants are looking good, and I took some of the leaves to cook yesterday although it turned into a culinary disaster so it didn't get eaten!
The club has grown a wide variety of vegetables and herbs including carrots, Brussels sprouts and beetroot , as well as tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.
The salad will have a purple/red hue from the beetroot .