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beeswax / воск
имя существительное
wax, beeswax, cobbler's wax
натирать воском
имя существительное
the wax secreted by bees to make honeycombs and used to make wood polishes and candles.
turning pollen into beeswax
a person's concern or business.
that's none of your beeswax
If you have been using a paste furniture wax like beeswax and you see ripples, you have applied too much.
Floors were polished with real beeswax , which was melted down, he recalls.
We need some new candle moulds before the winter beeswax candlemaking season can begin.
that's none of your beeswax
A single beeswax candle flickered, the wax running down the side to puddle on the tabletop.
From his leather pouch he withdrew a small beeswax candle, lit it and placed it in the center of the room.
turning pollen into beeswax
If he wanted to make a one off casting he made a model of the object he wanted to cast out of wood or beeswax .
Here, four large slab-like beams are made of wood covered in beeswax , each 8 feet high by about 2 feet wide and 8 inches thick.
I know you have your reasons, and, ultimately, it's none of my beeswax .