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beery / пивной, отдающий пивом, подвыпивший
имя прилагательное
отдающий пивом
tipsy, screwed, exhilarated, moony, screwed up, beery
имя прилагательное
relating to or characterized by the drinking of beer, typically in large amounts.
many beery pledges were made
The sinister imagery is hard to reconcile with the contemporary city, with its multiracial population and beery , welcoming atmosphere.
It makes for fun, beery conversations at the pub.
The event was a humdinger of a house-warming, with sublime moments and a mood that veered between a classical music concert and a beery knees-up at a wedding.
The prison guards geared up for their usual round of parties and beery cheer.
So, in summary, the sort of day you might reasonably hope would end in a pleasant, beery haze.
Every space along the route was packed with people - office workers, beery rugger types, cheering pensioners and schoolchildren who really should have been elsewhere.
We went out with the staff last night for a bit of a pub crawl (thanks for the invite), and a fairly pleasant, and beery night was had by all.
A cause for the annual eruption of beery national pride in much of the country, except, of course, here.
In the middle of this smoky, beery evening, a tall, lanky figure walks onstage wearing a grotesque hare-lipped mask.
Luke is a beery slacker, a soccer fan, and a wannabe writer aimlessly in search of the perfect girl, the perfect dumb movie, the perfect all-night high.