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beer / пиво, ход основы
имя существительное
beer, ale, malt, suds
ход основы
pace of the warp, beer
имя существительное
an alcoholic drink made from yeast-fermented malt flavored with hops.
a pint of beer
he ordered a beer
a beer bottle
I'm dying for a beer
a pint of beer
a pint of beer
One of them asked me if I wanted one of his beers when I was enjoying a burger outside a fast food restaurant.
Brewers use several methods to produce beers and lagers with low alcohol content.
As the other guys sat back with their beers whilst I had that traditional English drink.
We both are quite fond of football and enjoy the lime and a couple of beers as well when we go there to watch.
Mark and John had just sat down with the beers when Chick and Brian caught up.