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beefsteak / бифштекс
имя существительное
steak, beefsteak
имя существительное
a thick slice of lean beef, typically from the rump and eaten grilled, broiled, or fried.
Yet, it was revealed that among the meats purchased were huge quantities of beef, pork and beefsteaks !
Wendy, XGAO and I went to Eric's home to enjoy the beefsteak Eric cooked by himself.
Ready for workaday food, I opted for the beefsteak and egg, with a side order of fried chips.
‘Coffee and beefsteak would be nice, thank you,’ he told him.
The court's chefs prepared a smorgasbord of honey-baked potatoes, York sausages, chocolate pudding, fresh, ripe apricots, beefsteak , and filet of Markfish, fresh from the lake.
According to the waitress, the grilled beefsteak is one of Holder's most popular dishes, so my friend went for that.
I had hopes for the churrasco sandwich, one of the menu's innovations, but the thin beefsteak turned out to be tough, overcooked and surprisingly flavorless.
In fact, tea is first introduced by Cissie during the opening scene of the train ride, when she pours him tea to have with his beefsteak .
Then they were served a beefsteak as the main course, accompanied by a potato gratin with just a touch of garlic.
We all used to eat a lot of beefsteak and beefsteak pie at that time.
high-quality beefsteak