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bedstead / кровать, остов кровати
имя существительное
bed, bedstead, doss, kip
остов кровати
имя существительное
the framework of a bed on which the mattress is placed.
While you should consider changing your mattress every 10 years or so, the right bedstead or frame should last a lifetime (or at least as long as the marriage).
They pulled back their fancy coverlet, climbed into their fancy bedstead , read briefly from the most recent fancy literature, and then dreamt the night away.
My bedstead was tall, with four posters, and had long gold curtains, with a sun pattern on them, tied back with a blue ribbon.
Though it matched their bedstead , Steph wanted to be rid of the wardrobe.
The double bed has been fitted out with a lurid, multi-coloured mattress cover the hues of which are reflected in a fan-shaped mirror attached to the bedstead .
The cool linen sheets tempted her to extend her toes till they touched the ivory bedstead and brushed the relief curls of a grinning cherub.
While trying to sail into dreams, something she couldn't place, a spirit perhaps, flew around her bedstead .
In one corner, an old bedstead stood, the tattered bedsheets fortified by a quilt that Charley recognized as her mother's handiwork.
He fluffed up pillows and put them against the bedstead .
An armoire stood between the door and the bedstead , an old four-poster crouching against the left wall, with no mattress and the canopy in tatters.
The bedstead , the floor, the pictures on the wall were all spotlessly new by any standards.