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bedspread / постельное покрывало
имя существительное
постельное покрывало
имя существительное
a decorative cloth used to cover a bed.
Use red or green coloured pillow covers and bedspreads in the bedroom.
Then I've got me (in socks), my hot water bottle, and then two duvets, a blanket and a bedspread .
The bed was a large queen size one, with white sheets and a white bedspread with pink embroidered flowers on it, something my wife Michelle requested.
I want to stay under the protection of the green bedspread and white sheets forever as if it is my cocoon away from everyone else.
Rochelle tugged at her bedspread so it would fall forward and cover all the junk hidden under her bed.
The long blond hair fanned about her on the pillow, across the bedspread .
I had a day bed in the corner by the window with a purple bedspread , blue sheets, and a purple pillow.
A large bed with a purple bedspread dominated one wall, covered in stuffed animals in a variety of colors.
The bed was an ordinary bed with a black bedspread and white pillows.
She lunged and landed on her queen sized bed, which was covered in a pink bedspread .
My bedspread and pillows were all dark green and had two black stripes going diagonally across them.