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bedsore / пролежень
имя существительное
имя существительное
a sore developed by an invalid because of pressure caused by lying in bed in one position.
I was astonished to see patients coming out of hospital with big infected bedsores .
The bedsore on my left buttock cheek is blistered and bleeding.
She was totally blind and because of lack of movement, she had developed a bedsore which had progressed into a large hole at the bottom of her spine, despite being turned by us every two hours.
Apparently, he died as a result of cardiac arrest after developing a serious systemic infection from a bedsore
A couple of weeks ago, at the age of 52, he died of heart failure while being treated for an infected bedsore .
He had been treated for a bedsore , but the wound became infected.
When someone goes into hospital, you assume that they are getting the best care; then for him to die, not of the haemorrhage, but of the bedsore , was terrible.
I was astonished to see patients coming out of hospital with big infected bedsores .
I saw her develop bedsores, and the bedsores heal just in time for another hospital admission and another set of sores to form.
Some things that help prevent bedsores include turning the patient, padding equipment, keeping skin clean and dry, using special mattresses, and making sure the patient gets enough calories.
Overseas studies have also linked nurse shortages with other impacts on patients such as medication errors, increased rates of hospital infections, increased risk of bedsores and longer post-operative recovery times.