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bedridden / прикованный к постели, недвижимый, бессильный
имя прилагательное
прикованный к постели
bedridden, bedfast
real, immovable, real-estate, immobile, bedridden
powerless, impotent, weak, feeble, nerveless, bedridden
имя прилагательное
confined to bed by sickness or old age.
It saved his life but left him severely disabled: unable to speak, bedridden , and paralysed for eight months before he died.
Anatoli, 38, has been bedridden for the last two years, crippled by the same disease.
But I'm not ready yet because it hurts a lot and I would be bedridden for at least eight months.
During their stay, some of them have fallen ill and are bedridden .
Every 30-40 days I am bedridden with high fever, pain on both sides of neck and am unable to eat.
He was bedridden and immobile, and literally nothing but skin and bone by the end.
Like the English cartoonist Gerald Scarfe, John began drawing to while away the hours when bedridden as a child.
The father-of-two was bedridden for months as he battled to overcome extensive injuries.
They were an ancient bedridden couple, propped up side-by-side on pillows.
The old lady was helplessly bedridden but was nursed to health by this caring neighbour.
She has to make sure she turns the bedridden every two hours, or they will get bedsores.