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bedpost / столбик кровати
имя существительное
столбик кровати
имя существительное
any of the four upright supports of a bedstead.
Jorge's room looked like a miniature log cabin; the walls, floor and ceiling were all made to look like wooden logs, as did the bedposts that supported the bed on the far right side.
The bedpost has been cleverly done with a golden rod fixed in the wall and white soft cloth hanging from it and tied on each front corner of the bed.
She would not lie down but stayed on her feet, half asleep, holding on to the bedposts .
I traced the carved mahogany bedposts with my fingertips, and went to the window, blurry with dust and grime.
He is speaking ironically to say that it is in resting snugly within the safety or [of] 4 bedposts that she will know what he means when he attacks the desires for him to go to the wars.
M/s Merchant and Ivory's films resemble a small antique shop displaying old colonial cars, rosewood bedposts , long cotton gowns and unfiltered cigarette cases.
My bedposts have silver streaks and hold up a light purple canopy.
I found it tossed on the floor and picked it up, and I found my stockings hanging drunkenly from one of the bedposts .
The best solution in the nineteenth-century home was to drape mosquito netting over the bedposts , or over the desk where a writer was at work late.
There was a bed with tarnished metal bedposts , a bureau holding his personal toiletries and a trunk that sat at the foot of the bed.
She then buckled his old gun belt and gun (bullets and all) around one of the bedposts at the head of the bed.