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bedpan / судно, подкладное судно, металлическая грелка
имя существительное
vessel, ship, boat, craft, bedpan, hovercraft
подкладное судно
металлическая грелка
имя существительное
a receptacle used by a bedridden patient as a toilet.
‘Oh, you know,’ Jesse said, ‘cleaning bedpans , giving patients sponge baths.’
‘I have to change the bedpan now,’ she said, in a slightly louder voice than was necessary.
Mike got really good at getting the bedpan to me in seconds when I croaked that I needed it and switching them out for clean ones.
When she comes on duty at 11 pm, she makes rounds, checking the residents for skin tears and helping them go to the toilet or use a bedpan .
And finally, be really nice to your family and friends, you never know when you might need them to empty your bedpan .
The ward nurse gave me a list of necessaries, beginning with soap and ending with a bedpan .
The nature of my injury meant that, for several days, I could not move or be wheeled to the lavatory, so bedpans were the only option.
After all, who will empty the bedpans in nursing homes?
Even the low-skilled workers who distribute the hospital meals and disinfect the bedpans must be highly trustworthy, for if they do their job wrong, patients will die.
He peered outside, seeing the backside of a cursing orderly as he bent over to pick up a heap of empty bedpans .
I'll help out in a hospital, as long as I don't have to do the bedpans .