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bedlam / бедлам, сумасшедший дом, дом умалишенных
имя существительное
сумасшедший дом
madhouse, lunatic asylum, nuthouse, bedlam, bughouse, booby hatch
дом умалишенных
имя существительное
a scene of uproar and confusion.
there was bedlam in the courtroom
an institution for the care of mentally ill people.
Once, people were shut up in bedlams - usually indefinitely and in terrible conditions.
The tranquil sounds of nature had been replaced by the familiar cries of bedlam and chaos.
Back stage was bedlam with singers tuning their voices, make-up artists plying their trade and a lady ironing all the costumes.
She quickly turned back to the bedlam , which, while still loud and raucous, still seemed somehow subdued.
In fact, Ian was merely taking cover from the bedlam he had witnessed downstairs at arrivals.
The utter silence of a warrior, in the bedlam of a battlefield.
After Colleen claims that Joy tried to sabotage her chances of winning, the meeting turns into bedlam (much to everyone's amusement).
In a now familiar picture of bedlam , spectators and courtroom staff fled in terror and police descended in force upon the prisoners.
But somehow none of them expected that to happen, not after all the confused shouting and general bedlam which had followed those predawn bugle calls.
Nearby, Helen flickered back into vision, her face terrified as she surveyed the bedlam which had erupted.
To switch on the TV is to get instantly drawn into the bedlam of the hospital scenes, the chaos of bodies and patients on stretchers, the exchange of fire, the sheer, anxious horror of it all.