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bedclothes / постельное белье
имя существительное
постельное белье
bed linen, bedclothes, clothes
имя существительное
coverings for a bed, such as sheets and blankets.
It had clean towels, clean bedclothes and, most importantly, a bath with limitless hot water.
Adriana disentangled herself from the bedclothes , went to the window, and looked out into the rain-washed garden.
Without knowing it, she was trembling under her bedclothes , her knees shaking beneath the linen.
His wife preferred to read lying down, huddled in the bedclothes with the book close to her face.
I lay back in the warm bedclothes , aware of her musky scent covering the linen and myself.
Rodney's blankets were of a bright green and so were his bedclothes .
During the night the Earl was woken by the sensation of his bedclothes being pulled from him.
You may wish to read it under the bedclothes at night.
I collapsed on it, and breathed in the smell of her bedclothes .
All the bedclothes were folded and tucked in and the little girl's toys were arranged neatly on top of the bed.
She spoke calmly, absent-mindedly adjusting her mother's bedclothes .