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bed / постель, кровать, слой
имя существительное
bed, sack, roost, kip, pit
bed, bedstead, doss, kip
layer, bed, coat, stratum, sheet, ply
bed, couch, bedding
bottom, bed, underworld
sleep, bed, rest, be asleep, slumber, do
сажать в грунт
bed, bed out, plant
высаживать в грунт
plant out, bed, bed out
стлать подстилку
класть в постель
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress and coverings.
a large double bed
an area of ground, typically in a garden, where flowers and plants are grown.
a bed of tulips
a flat base or foundation on which something rests or is supported, in particular.
a layer or pile of something, in particular.
the bottom of the sea or a lake or river.
a riverbed
settle down to sleep or rest for the night, typically in an improvised place.
he usually bedded down on newspapers in the church porch
transfer (a plant) from a pot or seed tray to a garden plot.
I bedded out these houseplants
fix firmly; embed.
the posts should be firmly bedded in concrete
I turned sideways, leaning against the side of the truck bed , and held my arms out to her.
He knelt and squinted respectfully at the fish toasting on Monica's bed of coals.
Not only was it the same colour as the mussel bed , but it had an assortment of tiny shell fragments all over its body.
a bed of clay
This wine is ideal with slices of cool turkey, dusted with a little sea salt and draped over a crisp lettuce bed on rye bread.
I pushed past him into the small room and set the child down on the circular bed of animal furs as gently as possible.
In one, he's standing beside the open bed of a pickup truck on which lies a giant, dead buck.
My bag was in the bed of the truck, so I grabbed it out and tried not to topple over from the lack of balance it caused me.
The best time to bed new strawberries is in early spring.
the salad is served on a bed of raw spinach