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becquerel / беккерелей
имя существительное
the SI unit of radioactivity, corresponding to one disintegration per second.
This box, designed to monitor gamma radiation, in itself contained enough strontium 90 to emit 500,000 becquerels of radioactivity.
One becquerel means the disintegration of one nucleus (of the radium atom) per second.
The becquerel is a unit of radioactivity and corresponds to one radioactive disintegration per second.
The department began remedial work in early 2000, soon after the first phase of the survey became available, and the work is ongoing in the remaining 690 schools in where radon concentrations exceed 200 becquerels per cubic metre.
Thirty of them were found to be above the high radon ‘reference level’, which is 200 becquerels per cubic metre of air.
The Sligo house we referred to above had a reading of 5,508 becquerels .
Swabs taken from the tanks now show monthly levels of 70 becquerels of caesium 137.
One sample taken in Glencree village recorded a reading of almost six times the safety limit of 1,000 becquerels per litre.
Information on demographic and lifestyle variables was compiled for each person by using a common format, and radon measurements were expressed in becquerels (radon disintegrations per second) per cubic metre of household air.
The International System of Units measure of activity is becquerels per cubic meter (Bq/m).
Of that number, 121 had radon concentrations above the national reference level and nine had very high radon concentrations of more than 1000 becquerels per cubic metre.