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become / становиться, делаться, статься
become, get, grow, turn, go, make
make, become, come, grow, turn, pass into
become, happen
begin to be.
they became angry
(of clothing) look good on or suit (someone).
the dress becomes her
What do you want to become when you grow up, was another question posed to a five-year-old.
Whether Sanjay grows up to become like the other adults is a question Singh doesn't dare answer.
I have canoed, fished, sailed and more recently I have become qualified in powerboats.
After several listens, however, a rare aesthetic begins to become clear.
the child will become an adult
You have to change and develop yourself so you become what the horse needs you to be.
protests have become more frequent
As countries become more developed, their economic and political volatility decreases.
He thought I should become either a doctor or an engineer but I saw being a chef as a great way of travelling the world.
Once students have completed the course, they will become fully qualified paramedics.