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beckon / манить, кивать, подзывать
beckon, attract, beck, dangle, invite
beckon, beck, wag, nutate, nid-nod, niddle-noddle
beckon, call up, whistle up
делать знак
sign, give a sign, beckon, wag
имя существительное
nod, beckon, shake, beck, wag, nutation
make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer or follow.
Miranda beckoned to Adam
In the warm sunshine ancient courtyards beckon , inviting exploration.
The golf courses of Mayo and Galway beckon invitingly but he reckons he might tire of the golf after a few months.
Wherever they occur on earth, high places and remote places beckon and enchant us.
A particularly soft blanket of green seemed to beckon , and she settled herself amid the springy blades.
the going is tough, and soft options beckon
A multiplicity of interesting directions beckon , tempting you to take on too much by rushing into something new before finishing the last thing you started.
A life in politics appeared to beckon , but all that changed as Verges watched France's brutal attempts to quell the Algerian uprising against its colonial master in the late 1950s.
They beckon people to them from the whole planet, witnesses of our common history, in many ways still mysterious and incomprehensible.
the going is tough and soft options beckon
The woman opened a window silently and beckoned to the young man to climb through the opening.