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because / потому что, так как, ибо
потому что
because, as
так как
as, since, because, inasmuch as, in that, being that
for, because
for the reason that; since.
we did it because we felt it our duty
It will take so long because the site has a slope and the ground needs to be levelled.
He said he wanted to talk to me but I rejected him because it was so early in the morning.
He said the car was a lifeline because he was disabled and his wife was the main driver.
They are often put off going to toddler groups because it is mainly mums who go to them.
My wife and I regularly go into town to shop or to walk around because we love it so much.
They want me to move my van from where I park it because they want to fence off the area.
because of that
The reason for this is because they had been trying for a baby for the last few years.
she'll do it, if only because she has no choice
He did not appear at the hearing but said he did not pay because the firm could not afford it.