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beatific / блаженный, дающий блаженство
имя прилагательное
blissful, blessed, beatific, blest, beatifical, Saturnian
дающий блаженство
beatific, beatifical
имя прилагательное
blissfully happy.
a beatific smile
It was at this moment, as the young man picked up his carrier bag and headed for the exit, that I realised why I had been graced with such a beatific smile in the first place.
Luke, from Harper's, wore a beatific smile as the room trembled from the gateway's power.
He cuts a striking figure with his stocky frame, beatific smile and pitch-black hair worn long and swept back.
A lethargic Blaine, sporting a new bushy beard and matted hair, rewarded them with weak waves and beatific smiles.
Her hair is short and neat, her smile beatific , and her conscience troubled.
Far from degrading that character, as the comic is wont to do, the stoic ethic here takes on a sacred or beatific grace, but one that nevertheless permits the audience to distance themselves from its ethical dimension.
For the second time that night, Selina gave a genuine, beatific smile.
You are left wondering how anything as terrible as the anguish detailed in King's Crossing or Fond Farewell could inspire music this lovely, with its soaring choruses and beatific harmonies and irresistible pop sensibility.
Leonarde's relative disinterest in her corporeal state could be linked to her proximity to the beatific vision, where such considerations would become insignificant.
All Christians of all times have asked how God prepares believers for the beatific vision of the fullness of His glory.