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beater / било, колотушка, битер
имя существительное
beater, dasher, bat
beater, mallet, flapper
beater, stick, scutcher, swingle, brake
имя существительное
a person who hits someone or something, in particular.
an implement or machine used for beating.
Once dry, it was again collected on drays, and back it went to the mill to be fed through a machine with wooden beaters , called a scutcher.
a means of defeating or preventing something.
a recession-beater
a dilapidated but serviceable car.
If you provide the kids with a car, give them an old beater
After the war he was engaged for about nine years in mining and then entered the rolling-mill at Leechburg, where he was a beater for eight years.
I have a Lincoln LS that Claudia drives most of the time, and then I have an old beater Lumina van that I chase parts in.
She slid herself into the passenger seat of her friends beater Chevy IROC.
It's also available with a beater or brush-spreading mechanism, so operators can choose the optimum spreading unit for their operation.
If I am the one driving this beater into a pole at 63 mph, then I'm the one responsible for judgement day.
Night Flares yearns to be played in a 20-year-old beater barrelling down a moon-drenched highway.
Size reduction is achieved by fixed or swinging beater arms revolving at speed within a chamber.
A top 10 hit is merely a college radio staple, and I'm downgraded from a Benz to a beater .
He drove 25 miles to Sioux Falls, where a family friend spotted the old beater and called the police.
Have an old beater leaking battery acid in the driveway?