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beastly / ужасно, отвратительно, безобразно
terribly, awfully, horribly, ghastly, dreadfully, beastly
disgustingly, hideously, sickeningly, loathsomely, beastly, atrociously
disgustingly, beastly
имя прилагательное
brutal, atrocious, beastly, brutish, wolfish, monstrous
nasty, loathsome, naughty, beastly, foul, rotten
animal, bestial, brute, beastly
имя прилагательное
very unpleasant.
this beastly war
cruel and unrestrained.
beastly immorality
possessing a specified characteristic to an intense and unpleasant degree.
a beastly hot summer
It's beastly , but it can be treated, especially if it's caught early.
So why all the beastly transmogrifications, I ask Kay over our lunchtime bowls of coconut and lime soup.
But it was beastly , their violence and our fear of violence.
The weather today has been absolutely beastly .
When even well-meaning people get together in hierarchical, committee-rich structures, they do beastly things and call it progress.
And then I have great sympathy for him, as far as the press are concerned, because the press are pretty beastly to all the royal family these days.
Machiavelli's celebrated advice is that he will come off best if he learns to imitate both the fox and the lion, supplementing the ideals of manly decency with the beastly arts of force and fraud.
It was a counter showing the beauty of his play and the beastly nature of luck.
I tend to have little time for the argument that evil is an external property that is independent of any viewer or participant of the action mainly because it's often used by people to justify some quite beastly things.
I wonder if you wouldn't find a self-destruct timer inside the beastly things if you knew where to look.