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beast / зверь, животное, чудовище
имя существительное
beast, animal, brute
animal, beast, brute
monster, beast, monstrosity, ogre
имя существительное
an animal, especially a large or dangerous four-footed one.
a wild beast
Their music was a more aggressive, angular beast than that of Slint: screaming rage and explosions equally matched by a very rhythmic, fractured, sound.
So I dumped a great girl and got involved with what turned out to be the psycho beast from hell.
He obviously thinks I'm a psycho beast and didn't call me.
A baby animal might seem cute but potential owners should remember that a nine-inch baby lizard could well turn into a dangerous beast five or six feet long.
I saw the transformation take place, the placid exterior to the violent, savage beast .
A beast is never so dangerous as when it is cornered or injured.
Now, I had actually seen a model for the park a couple of years ago, and had no doubt that this abstract beast was going to be a complete disaster.
And no, it's not what you're thinking, you dirty beast .
Blasting up sand hills on roaring machinery brings out the beast in even the sweetest ladies.
Glacial beauty meets rock-dwelling beast on this undeniably epic LP by another Toronto band from the Broken Social Scene fold.