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bearskin / медвежья шкура, меховой кивер
имя существительное
медвежья шкура
меховой кивер
имя существительное
the pelt of a bear, especially when used as a rug or wrap.
Let me put on a D' Angelo CD, and I will pull you close, and we'll slow-dance on my white bearskin rug.
He wore a bearskin coat, with the head and paws still intact.
You should really know your bearskin from your busby.
Unfortunately, while speeding down the stairs, Lowtax caught his bearskin coat on a gold-plated handrail statue and was flung over the protective barriers, flying headfirst into the bushes.
Two Grenadier guardsmen from the Windsor barracks will be in full scarlet uniform, complete with trademark bearskin headgear.
The 411 ft Sir Percivale appears in an online ‘warehouse’ including uniforms, dental supplies, light aircraft and a £150 guardsman's bearskin , all being sold by the cash-strapped armed forces.
There were various trinkets all over the room, as well as a bearskin rug on the floor.
The Indian also was wearing a bearskin and was rolled up inside a buffalo robe - and he was plainly alive because every now and then there was a puff of steam from somewhere inside the mound of furs.
Though relatively sturdy, the synthetic bearskin is unpleasant to touch and too thick to close easily once opened.
They sneak over the border with something they have taken from the Naga or Kachin tribes - a bearskin shield, a wooden mask - and trade it for salt.
Guards of honour in their black bearskin head gear and long, blue-grey coats stood to attention facing the presidential party.