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bearing / подшипник, отношение, опора
имя существительное
bearing, pillow, box, chock, pillow-block
ratio, relationship, respect, attitude, relation, bearing
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, pillar
имя прилагательное
bearing, supporting
bearing, abutting
bringing, bearing
имя существительное
a person's way of standing or moving.
a man of precise military bearing
relation or relevance.
the case has no direct bearing on the issues
the level to which something bad can be tolerated.
school was bad enough, but now it's past bearing
a part of a machine that bears friction, especially between a rotating part and its housing.
If the bearings that allow the crankshaft to turn freely are worn out, the crankshaft cannot turn so the engine cannot run.
a structural part that supports weight, such as a wall that supports a beam.
It's as if the closet has had every foundation and bearing wall removed but still stands, supported by mere expediency, etiquette and the lingering shards of shame.
(of a person) carry.
he was bearing a tray of brimming glasses
walls that cannot bear a stone vault
endure (an ordeal or difficulty).
she bore the pain stoically
give birth to (a child).
she bore six daughters
turn and proceed in a specified direction.
bear left and follow the old road
The ball bearing had originated about 1877 but was not widely used in America until the bicycle craze swept the country.
It gives the range, relative bearing and range rate.
The kitchen would look absolutely smashing if you tore down a wall and made a kitchen island with the oven and work surfaces but is it a bearing wall?
It is supported by a curved bearing wall at the north end of the arena and by two circular towers at the south end, which also contain vertical circulation elements.
The effect on their bearing and appearance is all too often appalling.
Although his subsequent post still has some bearing to the point of the article I linked, his behavior is reprehensible.
It is not exactly a usual thing for a six-foot-five inch white man with a shock of white hair, a man of distinguished bearing to ask for a job as a hotwalker at a racetrack.
The higher the ABEC number the more precise the bearing has been made.
Cusack copes well with the physical demands of the production, offering convincing portrayals of women who are markedly different in appearance and bearing .
Your begging is past bearing .