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bearer / предъявитель, податель, носильщик
имя существительное
bearer, presenter, holder
submitter, bearer, presenter
porter, carrier, bearer, redcap, baggage man, cargador
имя существительное
a person or thing that carries or holds something.
I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings
a person who presents a check or other order to pay money.
promissory notes payable to the bearer
In the summer of 2001, after some fruitless attempts at recovery, the bearer of bad tidings at Murrayfield informed him, erroneously as it turned out, that his playing career was over.
Government has recently extended the expiry date of the bearer 's cheque to December 2004 as it battles to ease cash crisis.
Rather than shooting the messenger, the Mail has decided to shoot the horse that carried the bearer of the news.
Regardless of the evidence, the lottery ticket is a bearer note, which means whoever turns in a valid ticket is legally entitled to the winnings, end of story.
However, pledges of documents of title and of bearer bonds are excluded from most of the statutory requirements.
Each step of the last leg was a drudging journey, the heavy camera bearing down on the bearer 's back.
Able to operate under most weather conditions on all sorts of terrain, a human bearer can carry 60-80 pounds for fifteen miles in a day.
The idea of involving my wife in this little spat that they're having with me because I was the bearer of bad tidings was neither honorable or dignified, quite apart from whether it was legal or illegal.
Much to my dismay I am the bearer of bad tidings: Paramount has made the decision not to include even a single solitary supplement on this disc.
In fact, no such bearer certificate of deposit was ever obtained, but the moneys were released in circumstances in which it was held that both the Perpetual companies and Minters were acting in breach of trust.