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beard / борода, ость, растительность на лице
имя существительное
beard, beaver
awn, arista, beard, barb
растительность на лице
смело выступать против
отесывать края доски
имя существительное
a growth of hair on the chin and lower cheeks of a man's face.
he had a black beard
a person who carries out a transaction, typically a bet, for someone else in order to conceal the other's identity.
When a betable edge between their results and the line is seen, their movers or beards pound the books.
boldly confront or challenge (someone formidable).
I missed my daily dose of Prof. Quiggin for a week or so, due to his spam crisis, so I didn't notice that the Professor's commenters were already bearding this interesting question…
I'm also cultivating a tiny beard under my lower lip but purely because I quite liked tugging on it.
he was afraid to beard the sultan himself
three days' growth of beard
I've named it after Henri Becquerel in honour of the plant's peculiar beard .
True, their female beard friend is over in the isolation booth but there's nothing really gay about the "altered" photo.
So they decided to obscure their relationship, taking a female pal along as Sie's de facto beard .
He washed his face and shaved his nightly growth of a beard .
He had white skin, a trimmed beard , small black eyes and short-cropped hair around a bald spot.
His suit was dark, his hair dyed black, his beard full and neat.
The tail is short and tipped with black; ears have long black tufts and cheeks have long pale ruffs which form a pointed beard at the throat.