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bearable / терпимый, сносный
имя прилагательное
tolerant, tolerable, bearable, supportable, lenient, permissive
passable, bearable, tolerable, reasonable, middling, respectable
имя прилагательное
able to be endured.
a ceiling fan made the heat bearable
Six hours later I was having steady bearable contractions so it was decided not to do anything else and just see how I got on.
NEC has been a good employer for 30 years and seems committed to making the closure as bearable as possible.
Anyway, when we grew up a bit more we discovered that each other's company was bearable enough after all.
At times the characters seem clichéd, but they are bearable all the same.
The enforced wearing of flats is a terrible blow to anyone with an ounce of style, but it is bearable if you buy them from Marc Jacobs.
Simple, relaxing moments like this make the daily grind of being a student a little more bearable .
You have made life in this strange existence almost bearable and you must accept my apologies.
It is a credit to the cast that they manage to make this bearable .
By no means a pleasant experience, this is a supermarket after all, but an eminently bearable one with zero stress.
Adverts like this make the terrible traffic on Kew Bridge slightly more bearable ."