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beanstalk / бобовый стебель
бобовый стебель
имя существительное
the stem of a bean plant, proverbially fast growing and tall.
I was told that if I planted these beans, a giant beanstalk would shoot up into the sky, as far as the human eye could see.
Once stones are matched up something ‘good’ or ‘lucky’ happens, such as a beanstalk sprouting up to the clouds or a treasure chest appearing somewhere on the map.
There had been a beanstalk there once, but that had been cut down, and over the years an oak tree had grown there instead.
The mammoth tree, one of the tallest flowering plants alive, shoots up and up and up, disappearing into the sky like Jack's beanstalk .
A curious handsome hero, a giant, a wacky wizard, some magic beans and a massive beanstalk are all part and parcel of this panto in Cork.
It was all about what happened when Jack found a beanstalk in his garden that grew there from some magic beans.
They won't grow into a mammoth beanstalk leading to a giant's castle and gold.
This is the tree that Jack mistook for a beanstalk ; once planted it never stops growing.
A witness told The People, ‘He plunged from the beanstalk and on to the stage with a huge thump.’
For Jack, it was a magic bean that helped his beanstalk grow.
The beanstalk that Jack planted grew really fast!