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beanpole / жердь, каланча, опора для фасоли
имя существительное
pole, beanpole, perch, barling
beanpole, maypole, belfry
опора для фасоли
имя существительное
a stick for supporting bean plants.
Arika could see beanpoles thick with beans and peas, greens of all kinds, and squashes and many other forms of hard vegetables.
I always been a strong girl, though I also been thin as a beanpole .
On the other side of the flowerbed Tony is affixing a vine to a beanpole .
Mary admits her youngest son was a scrawny little chap who became a beanpole youngster, so gangly he needed elastic in his school trousers to make sure they stayed up.
She stood at about 5'9 and was skinny as a beanpole .
It was quite large for her skinny, beanpole body.
Finally, the last two shows in Festival of Fun feature the musical talents of Songfellow Strum, a beanpole elderly man who travels in a flying train singing old kids' songs.
I'm a beanpole with nearly no muscle power, so there isn't much to be all embarrassed about!
The skinny beanpole going up against someone three times his size is not looking for a solution to a problem, not looking to fix anything, but simply having a reason to live, and a reason to be strong.
Stringy beanpole players who are long in the arm and short on energy will say anything to convince you that it's a bad idea to run back and forth.
He went from being a spastic, gangly beanpole with ears that looked like they were drawn on by a cartoonist to being a symbol of all the things that are right in professional sports.