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beanie / шапочку
круглая шапочка
имя существительное
a small, close-fitting hat worn on the back of the head.
While the models were clothed in plain white Bonds underwear, they were draped with warm woollen beanies and scarves.
Her hood was pulled over her head and she wore a beanie hat underneath.
During this time CCTV footage showed him wearing similar clothes a white beanie hat and blue jeans which the victim said that her attacker was wearing.
After all, you can't have your captain going up the steps to receive the silverware in a tracksuit and a beanie hat.
He long swooshing tail coat matching her top hat, the top hat covering her blue beanie tied into a pair of bunny ears.
He was dressed in attire befitting the troubadour in his beanie and old comfortable shirt.
The protester, wearing a white T-shirt, shorts, sunglasses and a beanie hat, showed no imminent signs of coming down.
His suits were put into storage, and on went the beanie hats and jeans.
She grab a blouse, all-stars, some jeans and a beanie with a skull on it.
They wore identical black cargo pants, shirts, gloves and beanies .
There in a corner of the store would be their limited selection of official Girl Scout dresses, jumpers, shirts, socks, beanies , and sashes.