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beaker / химический стакан, мензурка, кубок
имя существительное
химический стакан
beaker, graduate, test-mixer, medicine-glass
cup, goblet, chalice, bowl, beaker, mug
имя существительное
a lipped cylindrical glass container for laboratory use.
Inside the room-sized locker they built a virtual laboratory - complete with beakers , funnels, jars, glass tubes, transfer pumps and vats of chemicals.
Root tips were cut, placed in a beaker filled with ice water, and transferred to the laboratory.
In the milking process, a snake is prompted to bite through a latex membrane stretched over a glass beaker .
By turning the screw he could bring the level of mercury inside the glass beaker up just high enough to touch the point of an ivory pin set there to mark zero on the scale, allowing, each time, an accurate reading at the top.
The silanized coverslips were held in a glass beaker covered with aluminum foil for up to 5 days.
From the near vicinity, there is a small beaker in Romano-British style from a grave at Little Wittenham, embellished with scenes depicting episodes in the life of Christ.
He pulled down a clear bottle filled with a crystal clear liquid and poured it into a glass beaker while, at the same time, he poured a light blue bottle into the same jar.
An aliquot of whole blood was taken in a sterilized flat bottom 25 ml glass beaker .
The beaker in front of the first pitcher is a prize example of Anthony Rasch's New Orleans work, about 1825 to 1835.
Excavated in 1911, the primary burial dates to about 2500 BC and comprised a crouched inhumation in a cist accompanied by a beaker , bone pin, and flint tools.
Other discoveries include a wooden beaker , barbed arrowheads and armour.