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beak / клюв, слезник, судья
имя существительное
beak, bill, pecker, rostrum, neb, nib
dripstone, drip, beak, drip molding, label, larmier
judge, referee, magistrate, umpire, justice, beak
имя существительное
a bird's horny projecting jaws; a bill.
New research suggests that as testosterone in male birds increases, so does the level of carotenoids, the chemicals that create the bright coloring on birds' feathers, beaks , and legs.
The main weapon for ramming into enemy ships was the beak of the ship.
The corvus crashed downward, its beak driving into the other ship's deck, whereupon Roman infantry dashed across.
Fielding is something beautiful too: crow's beak for a nose, rock star hair, but that of a girl rock star; he could be the great, lost fifth member of The Runaways.
Yesterday, on the Edgware Road, I saw an elderly man with an impressive beak of a nose.
she can't wait to stick her beak in
a parent bird with a caterpillar in its beak
You can eat everything on a squid but the beak , shell, and eyes.
She was also lucky she didn't have daddy's beak nose that Mauve had.
The whole group of servants tried to stifle their giggles but Aimée's mother turned and shot an evil glare at them over her beak of a nose.
The designs on Bronze Age metalwork and rock carvings show boats with a beak at the prow.