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beagle / гончая, сыщик, ищейка
имя существительное
beagle, hound, whippet, harrier
detective, sleuth, spotter, eye, gumshoe, beagle
bloodhound, beagle, tracker, bandog
охотиться с гончими
beagle, course
имя существительное
a small sturdy hound of a breed with a coat of medium length, bred especially for hunting.
Areas of disagreement is that the impact of hunting with hounds and beagles , we are not actually quite clear whether they have any significant impact on hare numbers overall.
For example, the beagle is a hunting dog and was trained to bark when it spotted the prey.
I visited New York recently and on landing at Newark airport was taken through a customs hall where a beagle dog was eagerly examining luggage.
They released their hounds by a wood, and soon the dogs had picked up the trail of a fox; a beagle sounded the alarm and the rest of the dogs came running, keeping the trail fresh.
Our beagle mix puppy is almost two, so I'm running out of time to blame this on ‘puppyhood.’
It will then be compared to small amounts of sequence from 10 to 20 other breeds, including the beagle , to study genetic variation within the canine species.
We therefore investigated the allelic variations of the DRD4 gene in the beagle and Shetland sheepdog, as well as in the golden retriever and shiba.
Jake's dad has two twin little girls with red hair, and a little beagle for a dog.
The guard's interrogatory was cut short as a beagle began tearing at his trouser leg.
This ensured that the beaglers could not use the traditional Wiltshire Police tactic of letting the hunt drive away while holding sabs up.
Following roll call and rolling of the numbers, beaglers headed to the field for a fine day of beagling.