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beady-eyed / бусинки глазами
имя прилагательное
having small, glinting eyes.
a beady-eyed chicken
There is plenty of room to swim down inside her curved exhaust stacks, habitats now for clown nudibranchs and large, beady-eyed prawns.
Later, as Val slowly dozed off - the beady-eyed white bear watching her from her dresser - her last coherent memory was of the sounds of nothing… nothing at all.
He appeared in real life as I had seen him in photos: beady-eyed , with dark matted hair and a free-growing beard, always seeming to wear the cumbersome jacket with a hood that is much beloved of movie directors.
‘The train is never late,’ jokes the beady-eyed black-bearded station master as we wait in the middle of the Corsican mountains for it to arrive, ‘but the timetable is often a little wrong.’
‘The white turkey is a beady-eyed , evil-looking thing,’ he said.
And there was Bob Crampsey with sweet erudition, and Gerry McNee with beady-eyed indignation, and others who came and went, chipping in to the mighty roar.
The gray, beady-eyed little bird in the cage seems an unlikely candidate for a savior.
Seemingly looming over the viewer, the beady-eyed beast with thick, ribbed trunk and ominous tusks appears ready to ravish.
Snagging a wealthy husband is the true goal of all flight attendants, we quickly glean, yet Bergen's character is never played as a beady-eyed angler.
They are also vaguely contemptuous of his beady-eyed negotiations regarding fees and wardrobe allowances.