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beady / похожий на бусинку, маленький и блестящий, покрытый капельками
имя прилагательное
похожий на бусинку
маленький и блестящий
покрытый капельками
имя прилагательное
(of a person's eyes) small, round, and gleaming.
His black, beady eyes glared at her behind wrinkled cheeks and a round nose.
That means it will fall under the beady eye of the chief inspector, whose remit is to provide an impartial and independent view of conditions in all of Scotland's prisons.
They have beady eyes, big noses and enormous pot bellies.
Neo-conservatism is the movement which cast a beady eye at progressive politics and cried that the emperor had no clothes.
Her eyes stared like a laser beam at the paintings, almost melting them with her beady stare.
Madam turned her beady , hawk-like gaze on the woman, waiting for her to speak.
It had extremely beady eyes and in our effort to scare it away we completely missed the object of this bird's desire. It was nothing other than a piece of bacon from one of the rolls.
She felt his beady little eyes staring down at her and his sly lips curved into a smile.
Hanging around between the pylons were huge shoals of fish, seemingly unfazed by our presence, happy to let us swim by and follow us en masse with one beady eye.
The expression was taut, fiery even, and it seemed ready to pounce - - the eyes beady , observant.
It was so close that I could finally see its black beady eye.