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bead / шарик, валик, бусина
имя существительное
ball, bead, bulb, pellet, globule, bolus
roll, platen, bead, cylinder, spindle, bolster
string, bead, thread
вышивать бисером
украшать бусами
имя существительное
a small piece of glass, stone, or similar material, typically rounded and perforated for threading with others as a necklace or rosary or for sewing onto fabric.
So she rounded up glass beads , semi-precious stones, and sterling silver wire and created her collection of one-of-a-kind rings.
something resembling a bead or a string of beads, in particular.
These knobby swellings on a root look like beads on a string.
decorate or cover with beads.
a beaded evening bag
cover (a surface) with drops of moisture.
his face was beaded with perspiration
This makes it imperative that you only push one bead into the valley at a time, since there is not room for both in there, as there often is with a Mavic UST rim.
A smooth, uniform bead along the weld line is ideal.
After tooling, you can remove the masking and you'll find a very nice looking straight, clean, smooth bead of tooled caulk.
An African Arts Week at Sunnymede Infants School, in Mons Avenue, saw children learn how to bead necklaces ready to dance to traditional music.
By contrast, Salem makers almost never used a single bead on the inside edge, preferring widely or closely spaced double beads.
I am pretty certain that your gun's bead is threaded, but I don't know the size offhand.
Tanner felt sweat bead on his upper lip: he had to stay still.
The average number of functional kinesin molecules per bead was estimated to be 1 by statistical methods.
Vivienne struggled for an answer, feeling sweat bead along her nape and along her forehead, where her dark hair was already hanging limply from her shower.
Prime any bare wood, apply a 1/8-in. bead of new caulk, and wait a day to touch up with paint, if needed.