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beacon / маяк, радиомаяк, сигнальный фонарь
имя существительное
lighthouse, beacon, pharos, screed, seamark
beacon, radiobeacon, radiophare
сигнальный фонарь
beacon, bull's-eye
shine, light, beam, lamp, beacon
освещать сигнальными огнями
указывать путь
direct, beacon
имя существительное
a fire or light set up in a high or prominent position as a warning, signal, or celebration.
a chain of beacons carried the news
When activated, the beacon sends an encoded distress message to a series of satellites orbiting the Earth.
Lex Stewart sounds like a beacon of moderation compared to some.
Slowly, she was making her way to the door, where she could see the sunlight lighting like a beacon for her.
The emergency services were informed of the disaster by the ship's emergency radio beacon .
But amid the feelings of frustration, one piece of positive news shone out like a beacon of hope.
At least one of the airliners involved transmitted a hijacking beacon .
If the company is leasing bandwidth from a cell company, they could conceivably use a low powered microwave transmitter for the tracking beacon .
Jon thinks he is the loneliest boy in the world, with nothing to do but watch the lighthouse beacon .
This school is a leader in all-round education in the country and stands out like a beacon .
The low power drain receiver is always on and will sound an alarm whenever it receives the unique signal from the MOB beacon .