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beachfront / пляжный
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
the part of a coastal town next to and directly facing the sea.
beachfront property
For instance, he transports the viewer to the Kozhikode beachfront , parts of Kannur and even the hill station Munnar.
Nor does the beachfront afford vistas up and down the coast: Turtle Bay is a secluded inlet which makes your activities feel personal.
You might be able to see behind me part of a treetop that has been snapped off here on the beachfront down in Playa del Carmen.
beachfront property
The posts were located on the beachfront , stretching from Tanah Pasir in North Aceh to Samalanga in Bireuen regency.
During the busy tourist season and particularly on sunny days, cars are reduced to one line of traffic to and from the beachfront .
The race begins at the beachfront at Strandhill and goes straight to the top of the 1,050 feet Knocknarea mountain.
This is a great month to enjoy light-tackle action, while wet wading along the open beachfront .
She admitted she did not fear any new tsunamis, although her food stall, just like the others, was located on the beachfront .
Schools of mature spawners mass along the beachfront , often prowling within reach of piers and jetties.