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bazaar / восточный базар, благотворительный базар, большой магазин
имя существительное
восточный базар
bazaar, bazar
благотворительный базар
bazaar, kermis, fair, bazar
большой магазин
bazaar, warehouse, emporium, bazar
имя существительное
a market in a Middle Eastern country.
Hone your haggling skills in Tunisia's markets and bazaars when you travel with Burnside Travel.
It's part flea market, part international bazaar , part Dufferin Mall.
The bazaar sale will be on Saturday, December 4, 2pm in the village hall.
One of the highlights of the bazaar , and a great fund-raiser for the group's charities, is the raffle.
Their killers found them in the middle of a crowded bazaar .
Sales of refreshments will attract customers to your bazaar and probably contribute handsomely to your fund-raising efforts.
All funds raised by the bazaar are distributed to local Thai charities to help the needy.
David Patterson of the 785th Combat Stress Detachment from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a frequent shopper at the bazaar .
That and the Christmas bazaar are the two major fund-raising activities organised by the school every year.
The goods which were sold at the bazaar were divided in three categories.
Kilcornan Community Council will hold a cake sale and bazaar in the centre on Sunday, May 16 after Mass.