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bay / залив, бухта, отсек
имя существительное
bay, creek, inlet, lough
bay, cove, bight, creek, flake, tier
compartment, bay, cell, capsule
имя прилагательное
bay, chestnut, sorrel
bark, bay, yelp, yip, speak
veer, slack off, hunt, hound, pay, bay
pursue, chase, persecute, haunt, follow, bay
имя существительное
a broad inlet of the sea where the land curves inward.
San Francisco Bay
an evergreen Mediterranean shrub of the laurel family, with deep green leaves and purple berries. Its aromatic leaves are used in cooking and were formerly used to make triumphal crowns for victors.
The experiment (conducted May - June 2000) tested whole and torn leaves from 10 bay trees , 10 oak trees, and 10 toyon trees at our research site.
a similarly aromatic tree or shrub of North America, especially the bayberry used in the preparation of bay rum.
But if you can get your hands on fresh bay , its sweet aromatic flavour makes it eligible for use in puddings.
a recessed or enclosed area, in particular.
His deep booming voice carried across the hangar bay , letting everyone in on the joke.
a bay horse.
It was a bay , with a liver chestnut body and gleaming black legs.
(of a dog, especially a large one) bark or howl loudly.
the dogs bayed
имя прилагательное
(of a horse) brown with black points.
This is not equine racism, just the obvious conclusion that the brown, black and bay horses are in the vast majority, and can always gang up on a grey, especially when I have bet on it.
a loading bay
As Trevor said this, they passed over the mountains, showing a bay with a large city surrounding it.
Consigned by Cottage Stables, the bay colt will be sent to the United States to the stable of California trainer Jim Cassidy.
The bay filly has five wins from nine starts and has earned $381,080.
This means more vehicles through the service bay and more profit for the dealer.
Put a slice of garlic, some basil, thyme and bay in each cavity.
Ridden by Christophe Lemaire, the bay filly stalked the leading pair, Titian Time and Fraloga.
They had found the vehicle bay in what had been the bus area.
After popping the hood your eyes quickly glance over a very functional engine bay .
They use a hand-held computer to register the number of a vehicle and its location in the parking bay so it can be checked if it has been moved.