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baulk / балка, брус, препятствие
имя существительное
beam, balk, girder, joist, timber, baulk
timber, bar, beam, cant, rod, baulk
let, obstacle, obstruction, barrier, hurdle, baulk
miss, lose, neglect, omit, leave out, baulk
не оправдать
balk, baulk
let, prevent, hinder, impede, inhibit, baulk
Milner potted green to level the frame scores but left a sitting brown after attempting an ambitious pot along the baulk cushion.
Needing the colours to take the frame he was about to take a tough shot on green near the baulk cushion when two spectators left the arena.
It could still have gone either way on the colours, but Doherty had his nose in front when the pink bounced off three cushions and rolled into a baulk pocket.
Micky Conlan would roll the ball in front, then run, pick it up, baulk an imaginary opponent, run close to the boundary, kick the goal then scuttle back, laughing.
He then potted blue in the middle pocket but the cue ball rolled back off the baulk cushion into the opposite middle pocket for a five-point foul.
Superior claims may baulk inferior ones, but the liquidator's duty is to realise the assets of all in accordance with their rights.
The new hall is concrete and stone and huge baulks of timber, throwing itself out to the world's best view through great sliding glass doors.
We tried a low downforce aero package, but I was baulked by traffic and so we were not able to see the difference.
A family of Tamil shipwrights were adzing baulks of timber into banana-shaped fishing rafts.
Maddock's horse balked and reared as a mercenary snatched at its reins.