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battleship / линкор, линейный корабль
имя существительное
battleship, battle-wagon
линейный корабль
имя существительное
a heavy warship of a type built chiefly in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with extensive armor and large-caliber guns.
Wind has disrupted the advance of great warships like battleships and aircraft carriers.
These include the battlecruisers HMS Hood, HMS Repulse and the battleship HMS Prince of Wales.
The grim battle in the twilight of the Arctic Circle was the last time men of the Royal Navy faced the enemy in a battleship .
Admiral Yoshikawa pointed out that the first Kashima in the Japanese navy was a battleship built by Armstrong on the Tyne in 1906.
If the Americans lost a capital ship (a battleship or aircraft carrier) it was simply a loss.
Divers are expected to return to the wreck site later this year to check on the oil which still leaks from the battleship .
A few minutes earlier, USS battleship Nevada and other ships opened fire on Utah.
This is a legacy of the Second World War, in which the aircraft carrier replaced the battleship as the capital ship of fleets.
Unlike aboard a frigate, the men aboard the Navy's battleships and cruisers felt nothing during transit.
Both vessels were built in England, albeit 136 years apart, and both were designated first class battleships .
The battleships and destroyers following HMS Fearless arrived on the scene at a speed of 21 knots.